The YOLO and FOMO Challenge

Five Things Direct Marketers Should Be Doing in the Experiential Economy YOLO (You Only Live Once) and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) are phrases often associated with Millennials. They suggest that you should enjoy life and take risks because there may not be another opportunity. Both reflect a key insight for today’s marketers: For Millennials, […]

Garages and Jelly and Some Other Stuff

The other day, I was running through The Container Store on a lunch break. I like The Container Store. But on this particular day, I was running. This wasn’t a fun errand. I needed—not wanted—a bunch of stuff that I didn’t feel like spending money on. And I needed to get back to work. But […]


1. The first rule of Catalog Write Club is you DO NOT talk about Write Club. 2. The second rule of Catalog Write Club is … YOU … DO … NOT … TALK … ABOUT … WRITE CLUB! Are we clear? ARE? WE? CLEAR? Good. Now, let’s talk about Catalog Write Club. 3. The third […]

How to choose an agency In Strategy

Avoid the Narcissists. Hire the Listeners!

How to Choose an Agency I know what you’re thinking… a J.Schmid commercial, right? A self-serving post. Choose us, here’s why. Done. Not exactly, but if these suggestions lead you to our door, we’ll certainly answer! Truth is, I’ve been on the client side of agency relationships for the majority of my career. At companies […]

In Defense of Millennials

I think Millennials get a bad rap. Apparently, they’re to blame for everything. They’re lazy and privileged and don’t want to work hard. I’ve heard a number of people complain that they just don’t get this generation. I have to disagree. Are Millennials perfect? Nope. But neither were the generations that preceded them. I’m basing […]

In Praise of the Humble E-Survey…

5 Reasons Why E-surveys Should Be Part of Your Marketing Program At J.Schmid, we constantly preach that you can never know enough about your customers. That’s not a new concept and we’re certainly not alone in that belief. At the same time, we hear any number of reasons why companies don’t reach out to their […]