Does your brand stand for something? Is it more than just products and services? Does your brand have a cause greater than commerce? More and more, brands are aligning themselves with charitable causes. And customers are taking notice. Last year, Ad Age published a study by the research firm Toluna about the impact of brands […]

When it Comes to Price, Perception Matters

As consumers, we typically look for value – that perfect combination of quality and price – when we make a purchase. Most of us have a favorite retailer or group of retailers, and today’s hyper-competitive, information-driven marketplace allows us to easily compare prices across multiple retailers and channels. A recent study by Bain & Company […]

STOP and Challenge Your Assumptions

We make big decisions every day based on assumptions. When it comes to investing significant marketing dollars, we have to be very wary of these assumptions. Since we don’t have time to verify every piece of information that informs our marketing processes, we must create a system for determining which information is important enough to examine […]

Whoops! From Error to Opportunity

Why? Because, like silly putty, the slinky and post-it notes – all the result of fortuitous mistakes – they offer an opportunity for break-through opportunities. In advertising, when we make a mistake for all the world to see, it’s embarrassing and makes us take a hard look at our proofing process. But c’mon, sometimes it’s […]

No Fear

A client called me several years ago with a spectacular idea for his marketing program. “I love it!” I said. “It’s fresh, it’s different, it’s relevant to your customers, and it’s testable. Let me know how the CMO likes it!” He grew silent on the line. And then said quietly, “Um, could you bring the […]

Ads from the Outside

In the quiet, quaint, dry-until-a-year-ago town of Ephraim, Wisconsin, there is a soup bar called Czarnuszka Soup. A recent ad mentions that the restaurant seats 11, but having been there, I think 11 is a stretch. Weekly, the owner (Paul Wanish) publishes ads that would never be approved by anyone in advertising, ever. But as […]

Brand & Technology: Together at Last

“Let’s go shopping after Thanksgiving dinner!” said the text from Aunt Karen. Black Friday shopping with my family in Philadelphia a few weeks ago resulted in an experience where a sticky brand message was powered by technology to define marketing success. The brand messaging was amplified by television and mobile to generate new customer acquisition. […]