Every brand has a story

Although the role of the catalog is quickly evolving, it’s clear that a it still has an important role to play as a brand vehicle and a sales driver. It’s been proven that tangible catalogs make a more lasting impression than digital marketing, and younger generations use them often for inspiration and ideas.

Need help deciding how the catalogs fit in your marketing plan? That’s where we come in. We live at the intersection of catalogs, retail and ecommerce. And we have 34+ years of experience that we can use to help you evolve your catalog program to fit today’s customer.

Catalog Contact Strategy

Who to mail, when and how often: Three little decisions that can make or break your marketing budget. We can use our decades of experience to inform those decisions. The end result? You mail smarter.

Catalog Design + Branding

We know what works (and what doesn’t) on the catalog page. We use proven-techniques based to design pages that not only represent your brand, but move customers to action.

Catalog Consulting

Are an ecomm mailing a catalog for the first time? Are you an experienced cataloger who wants to become more profitable? Our team can consult on any questions you might have from mailing strategy, process to catalog creative.

Catalog Critique

Do you have an internal team who needs some guidance or training in catalog best practices? Our principles are sought-after industry leaders who often write and speak on catalog best practices and infusing brand story. Reach out to get actionable insights from an expert!

Let’s make something great!

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The difference that J.Schmid’s work made in my business was measureable. We saw an immediate spike in sales.

Brian Huck, President & COO, Eastwood