We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post to bring you a chilling tale of Halloween horror. But all is not what it seems. For between the screams lies a cautionary lesson for marketers. Read on, if you dare… A rusty hinge creaks, its metal scream cuts through the howling wind. You feel a cold drop […]


Catalogers have a choice to make in the coming weeks. In this case, there are only two possibilities: Do something or don’t do anything. The choice involves good and evil. In this case, “good” is defined as spending a lot less money and “evil” as spending a lot more money. Do I have your attention? […]

There’s a dinosaur loose in E-commerce land!!

Ecommerce has been changing at digital speed since it showed up in the marketing world 25 years ago. Print marketing has taken 100 years to evolve from the early days of newspaper to magazines, then to direct mail and finally catalogs. Catalog circulation is the sturdy bedrock art of targeting what records to mail, when […]

Nostalgia Marketing: Two Do’s and a Don’t

Are you jumping on the Nostalgia Marketing bandwagon? Do you know how to execute effectively and how to avoid the pitfalls? If you are interested in understanding how you can incorporate Nostalgia Marketing with your brand, email our Web Content Specialist, Lauren Ackerman, or call 913-236-2418.

Whose Tagline Is It Anyway?

By Chris Hayes, EVP Brand Strategy We recently completed a brand “refresh” for a catalog client that involved redefining the brand’s position and updating its visual identity. At the end of the process, the client asked us an important question: should they keep their tagline as part of their new identity? Ask five branding experts […]

Stop Talking! Start Doing!

In the midst of this crazy political season, it’s frustrating to hear politicians talk about what they plan on doing, what their strategy is, how they’re more qualified to get things done…all without actually getting anything DONE! It’s just talk. They rarely execute any of these ideas. Unfortunately, this is also true of many brands […]