Moonwalks, Mona Lisa and Embracing Change

Oh no, not a post about embracing change! Okay, don’t freak out, we’re just talking here. I’d like to share five useful tips to help you stay nimble and relevant… like marketing yoga! I don’t know about you, but things feel like they’re moving faster than ever. Technology, especially. Maybe it’s always felt that way, […]

Is Your Brand Amazon Proof?

Anybody who shops on Amazon has probably had the experience where the price of the item you just put in your cart changes while it sits there. With the recent announcement that Amazon intends to buy Whole Foods, I started wondering about this and found that the explanation is pretty interesting. “List price” has been […]


To truly stand out in today’s marketplace, you must do more than offer a product or service. You must create an experience, one that will resonate with customers. Don’t just serve, impress. Don’t just deliver, elevate. Make their time interacting with you something they cannot forget. What can your brand do to craft an experience […]

J.Schmid Introduces Bonfire5: A New Branding Agency

We’re excited to announce the creation of a sister agency that will focus exclusively on branding. We’re calling this new group Bonfire5. Essentially, we’re taking everything that clients loved about our proprietary BrandQuest process and serving it up to companies outside of our usual direct marketing and catalog sandbox. This specialty branding group will be […]

Aliens, Content and Conversion

There’s a conspiracy underway in the catalog business. It’s happening right under our noses. You know what I’m talking about, copy kidnappers! Someone has been rounding up copywriters and turning them into CONTENT EDITORS! “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” comes to mind. You know, the “snatched people” attend to their daily tasks, but they really […]

There’s a dinosaur loose in E-commerce land!!

Ecommerce has been changing at digital speed since it showed up in the marketing world 25 years ago. Print marketing has taken 100 years to evolve from the early days of newspaper to magazines, then to direct mail and finally catalogs. Catalog circulation is the sturdy bedrock art of targeting what records to mail, when […]

Two Become One

Not too long ago, catalog was king. We’d toss our e-commerce creative team the bones of our catalog feast to make their meal. But we’re past that, right? We need to give our websites the same love our catalogs get; they’re completely co-dependent sharing the same audience. That’s right, it’s ONE CHANNEL! Think of it […]