“Alexa, can you help me work smarter?”

Oh my. I just read an article about the future of search marketing called “What Amazon Echo and Google Home mean for online retailers.” The next thing I see is a UPS package on my doorstep with “voice shopping with Alexa and Echo” printed right above “Prime” on the packing tape that seals the box. […]

Don’t Call it a Comeback: Print Never Died

Lois Brayfield, J.Schmid CEO, and Lauren Ackerman, J.Schmid Web Content Specialist, offer their take on the catalog and direct mail industry in the recently published DMA Statistical Fact Book 2017. Learn more about this valuable resource packed with recent research for all marketing tactics here. The numbers are in, and the message is clear: print […]

There’s a dinosaur loose in E-commerce land!!

Ecommerce has been changing at digital speed since it showed up in the marketing world 25 years ago. Print marketing has taken 100 years to evolve from the early days of newspaper to magazines, then to direct mail and finally catalogs. Catalog circulation is the sturdy bedrock art of targeting what records to mail, when […]


Marketing strategies and tactics are like putting a puzzle together. There are simple 100-piece puzzles that can be solved easily, and there are more complicated versions with 1,000+ pieces that require patience, persistence and perseverance. Marketing challenges range from simple emails to multipart annual campaigns. But no matter how big the puzzle or how complex […]

Catalog Circulation – A New Frontier

Twenty years ago, we discovered the power of transactional data. Lo and behold, it turned out that certain aspects of human behavior were very predictable. Once a consumer’s wallet was opened and purchases were made, certain details of those transactions, known as RFM, turned out to be very trustworthy indicators of future purchases. Fast forward […]

Why Mail A Catalog? The Stats.

Yes, mailing a catalog can be a powerful advertising tool. However, we realize its role has changed over the last several years. A successful catalog should DISRUPT your customer’s lives and get noticed. Once inside your catalog, it must DELIGHT with relevant products and stories that matter and finally, and most important, it must have […]

Stop Playing Pokémon GO and Read This

Invisible monsters, augmented reality and the future of catalogs So, how many Pokémon have you caught? You know, I used to chase invisible monsters through the park. They called me crazy. Today, everyone’s doing it. Who’s crazy now?! Pokémon GO is a legitimate pop culture phenomenon. Launched just this month, the free game app has […]

Victoria’s Secret Kills its Catalog. Does This Mean Print is Dead?

I won’t keep you in suspense: print is alive and well. Back in the day, when investing marketing dollars, it was easy to draw a line between mailing catalogs (the only direct marketing investment at the time), the value of acquiring a customer and the bank statements that arrived months later. This news from Victoria’s […]