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All bourbon is whiskey. All scotch is whiskey. But not all whiskey is bourbon. And not all whiskey is scotch.

Make sense?

No? Have some whiskey. It’ll get your attention and make everything clearer. Just like a good headline.

Because in a lot of ways, a good headline is a lot like good whiskey.

There are many kinds of whiskey. In some countries, it’s spelled “whisky.” (Coincidentally, none of those countries have an “e” in their names.) Scotch comes from Scotland. Bourbon from the USA (some would even say only from Kentucky). But it’s all whiskey.

Like whiskey, there are many kinds of headlines.

Headlines on catalog pages. Headlines on postcards. Headlines on envelopes. Headlines in emails. But they’re all headlines. And the right headline can truly impact your creative and, even better, improve results.

Every headline is an invitation for your readers to stop, slow down, and savor every drop of content on the page.

That’s not all a good headline does…

A good headline has a bite that will stop you in your tracks.

A good headline makes you take notice.

A good headline gives you a warm feeling inside and out.

A good headline has a kick that will make you catch your breath.

A good headline can get your attention with a burning bite.

A good headline works best when sipped and savored, not guzzled.

A good headline tickles your tongue.

A good headline smooths and soothes like a drip of warm honey.

A good headline is one you’ll never forget.

Too many words make a headline forgettable.

Too many words make a headline regrettable.

Good headlines should be enjoyed responsibly. Or not at all.

A good headline makes you want more.

Just like a good whiskey.


Need a recommendation on a good headline (or whiskey)? Pull up a seat and Matt Fey will tell you a tale and pour you a glass at or 913.236.8988.


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