The YOLO and FOMO Challenge

Five Things Direct Marketers Should Be Doing in the Experiential Economy YOLO (You Only Live Once) and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) are phrases often associated with Millennials. They suggest that you should enjoy life and take risks because there may not be another opportunity. Both reflect a key insight for today’s marketers: For Millennials, […]

How to choose an agency In Strategy

Avoid the Narcissists. Hire the Listeners!

How to Choose an Agency I know what you’re thinking… a J.Schmid commercial, right? A self-serving post. Choose us, here’s why. Done. Not exactly, but if these suggestions lead you to our door, we’ll certainly answer! Truth is, I’ve been on the client side of agency relationships for the majority of my career. At companies […]

Stop Making Data So Damn Difficult!

New strategic partnership offers a single solution for bringing multiple data platforms together with a single message, delivering marketing strategies to both online and offline channels   BOSTON, MA & MISSION, KS – AUGUST 16, 2017 – East meets Midwest with the announcement of an exciting new strategic partnership between Boston-based QuickPivot, a cloud-based, cross-channel […]

Beep-boop. I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.

…And other thoughts on the Digital Summit Kansas City’s inaugural Digital Summit was a few weeks ago, and it was a great experience and an eye-opener. There’s just no substitute for an intensive day and a half conference to get the updates for the ever-evolving digital landscape. I jotted down some thoughts while I was […]

Are Catalogs Really Worth It?

This is the question I’m asked more than any other these days. How would you answer this? It probably depends on whether you’re a catalog believer or a non-believer. First, a quick note about the grey area between these two groups: There is none! Either you sleep well at night with a P&L under your […]


In today’s ever-evolving multi-channel world, marketers are often swept up in the frenzy of the next greatest trend. They’re looking ahead to gain the competitive edge. Sometimes though, the best way to look forward is to look back on a tried-and-true method to reach customers and generate response. That method? Direct mail. You should not […]

Why Don’t Catalogs Work? (And 5 Reasons Why They Do)

Over the last several years, we’ve seen catalogs come and go. And we’ve seen many retailers jump into the game, spend a LOT of money (we’re talking tens of millions of dollars) and then abandon the model after a couple of seasons. This literally breaks my heart and makes me want to scream! Why does […]