Ads from the Outside

In the quiet, quaint, dry-until-a-year-ago town of Ephraim, Wisconsin, there is a soup bar called Czarnuszka Soup. A recent ad mentions that the restaurant seats 11, but having been there, I think 11 is a stretch. Weekly, the owner (Paul Wanish) publishes ads that would never be approved by anyone in advertising, ever. But as […]

Garages and Jelly and Some Other Stuff

The other day, I was running through The Container Store on a lunch break. I like The Container Store. But on this particular day, I was running. This wasn’t a fun errand. I needed—not wanted—a bunch of stuff that I didn’t feel like spending money on. And I needed to get back to work. But […]


1. The first rule of Catalog Write Club is you DO NOT talk about Write Club. 2. The second rule of Catalog Write Club is … YOU … DO … NOT … TALK … ABOUT … WRITE CLUB! Are we clear? ARE? WE? CLEAR? Good. Now, let’s talk about Catalog Write Club. 3. The third […]

Aliens, Content and Conversion

There’s a conspiracy underway in the catalog business. It’s happening right under our noses. You know what I’m talking about, copy kidnappers! Someone has been rounding up copywriters and turning them into CONTENT EDITORS! “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” comes to mind. You know, the “snatched people” attend to their daily tasks, but they really […]


Must be 21 or older All bourbon is whiskey. All scotch is whiskey. But not all whiskey is bourbon. And not all whiskey is scotch. Make sense? No? Have some whiskey. It’ll get your attention and make everything clearer. Just like a good headline. Because in a lot of ways, a good headline is a […]