Does your brand stand for something? Is it more than just products and services? Does your brand have a cause greater than commerce? More and more, brands are aligning themselves with charitable causes. And customers are taking notice. Last year, Ad Age published a study by the research firm Toluna about the impact of brands […]

When it Comes to Price, Perception Matters

As consumers, we typically look for value – that perfect combination of quality and price – when we make a purchase. Most of us have a favorite retailer or group of retailers, and today’s hyper-competitive, information-driven marketplace allows us to easily compare prices across multiple retailers and channels. A recent study by Bain & Company […]

In Praise of the Humble E-Survey…

5 Reasons Why E-surveys Should Be Part of Your Marketing Program At J.Schmid, we constantly preach that you can never know enough about your customers. That’s not a new concept and we’re certainly not alone in that belief. At the same time, we hear any number of reasons why companies don’t reach out to their […]

Why Don’t Catalogs Work? (And 5 Reasons Why They Do)

Over the last several years, we’ve seen catalogs come and go. And we’ve seen many retailers jump into the game, spend a LOT of money (we’re talking tens of millions of dollars) and then abandon the model after a couple of seasons. This literally breaks my heart and makes me want to scream! Why does […]

The Future of Brick-and-Mortar in the Millennial Age

Much has been written about the demise of America’s brick-and-mortar retail institutions due to the expansion of e-commerce and mobile technology. With slowing population growth, the future of retail sales will depend largely on increased individual spending, much of which will come from the demographic cohort known as Millennials. Some relevant facts about this group: […]

Is the Customer Still King?

The notions that “the customer is king” and “the customer is always right” have been marketing gospel for generations of business school grads and brand managers. I’d never suggest that a strong customer focus shouldn’t be a key element of any brand’s marketing efforts. But how do marketers keep “King Customer” from becoming a total […]

“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight”

By Chris Hayes, EVP Brand Strategy This 18th Century quote from my high school lit class got me thinking about a conversation I had with a marketing director from a well-known cross-channel brand a few weeks ago. He mentioned his company would like to do comparison research on their catalog covers to determine which ones […]