Ads from the Outside

In the quiet, quaint, dry-until-a-year-ago town of Ephraim, Wisconsin, there is a soup bar called Czarnuszka Soup. A recent ad mentions that the restaurant seats 11, but having been there, I think 11 is a stretch. Weekly, the owner (Paul Wanish) publishes ads that would never be approved by anyone in advertising, ever. But as […]

Beep-boop. I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.

…And other thoughts on the Digital Summit Kansas City’s inaugural Digital Summit was a few weeks ago, and it was a great experience and an eye-opener. There’s just no substitute for an intensive day and a half conference to get the updates for the ever-evolving digital landscape. I jotted down some thoughts while I was […]

Don’t Call it a Comeback: Print Never Died

Lois Brayfield, J.Schmid CEO, and Lauren Ackerman, J.Schmid Web Content Specialist, offer their take on the catalog and direct mail industry in the recently published DMA Statistical Fact Book 2017. Learn more about this valuable resource packed with recent research for all marketing tactics here. The numbers are in, and the message is clear: print […]

If This, Then That: Email Strategy Made Simple

An email marketing program can be one of the most flexible, measurable and intelligent marketing channels for your business. Especially now that smartphones have put email at easy reach anytime, from anywhere. But in order for emails to be most effective, they have to be part of a carefully considered contact strategy. So, whether you’re […]

Nostalgia Marketing: Two Do’s and a Don’t

Are you jumping on the Nostalgia Marketing bandwagon? Do you know how to execute effectively and how to avoid the pitfalls? If you are interested in understanding how you can incorporate Nostalgia Marketing with your brand, email our Web Content Specialist, Lauren Ackerman, or call 913-236-2418.

Playing for Keeps in the Digital Space

We live in a world of instant gratification – one-click shopping and information at our fingertips via a quick search. Digital marketing is on a similar evolutionary path – nothing can beat digital in terms of its ability to respond quickly to an action on behalf of the consumer. Between SEO, SEM and email automation, […]

Disappear Completely: Digital Marketing Lessons from Radiohead

In early May, British musicians Radiohead did the unthinkable: they lived up to their song title “How to Disappear Completely,” and erased themselves from the internet. Their website gradually decreased in opacity over the course of several hours, until it disappeared completely. Then, the band and its lead singer, Thom Yorke, removed all past posts, […]