The YOLO and FOMO Challenge

Five Things Direct Marketers Should Be Doing in the Experiential Economy YOLO (You Only Live Once) and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) are phrases often associated with Millennials. They suggest that you should enjoy life and take risks because there may not be another opportunity. Both reflect a key insight for today’s marketers: For Millennials, […]

In Praise of the Humble E-Survey…

5 Reasons Why E-surveys Should Be Part of Your Marketing Program At J.Schmid, we constantly preach that you can never know enough about your customers. That’s not a new concept and we’re certainly not alone in that belief. At the same time, we hear any number of reasons why companies don’t reach out to their […]

Is Your Brand Amazon Proof?

Anybody who shops on Amazon has probably had the experience where the price of the item you just put in your cart changes while it sits there. With the recent announcement that Amazon intends to buy Whole Foods, I started wondering about this and found that the explanation is pretty interesting. “List price” has been […]

The Future of Brick-and-Mortar in the Millennial Age

Much has been written about the demise of America’s brick-and-mortar retail institutions due to the expansion of e-commerce and mobile technology. With slowing population growth, the future of retail sales will depend largely on increased individual spending, much of which will come from the demographic cohort known as Millennials. Some relevant facts about this group: […]

Is the Customer Still King?

The notions that “the customer is king” and “the customer is always right” have been marketing gospel for generations of business school grads and brand managers. I’d never suggest that a strong customer focus shouldn’t be a key element of any brand’s marketing efforts. But how do marketers keep “King Customer” from becoming a total […]

“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight”

By Chris Hayes, EVP Brand Strategy This 18th Century quote from my high school lit class got me thinking about a conversation I had with a marketing director from a well-known cross-channel brand a few weeks ago. He mentioned his company would like to do comparison research on their catalog covers to determine which ones […]

Looking Ahead…

2017 is just around the corner so we thought it would be interesting to reach out to our clients to see what’s on their mind for the coming year. First, the good news… there’s a general feeling of optimism among the clients we spoke to. Arguably, the economy was one of the biggest issues in […]

“A joke is a very serious thing”

-Sir Winston Churchill Marketers are always looking for an edge – something that will grab and hold their customers’ attention, help their brand stand out from the competition and most importantly, drive the customer to purchase. So how does a marketer break through the clutter of the estimated 3,000+ ad exposures consumers receive every day? […]

The Heart of the Matter: Emotion Marketing and the Catalog

Many catalogers today still approach their business as retailers first and marketers second. Retailers sell merchandise by focusing primarily on pricing and products. Marketers position their brands for success by introducing emotion into the mix. It’s easy to see why catalogers fall into the “price and item” trap. Consumers, when asked the reason for their […]