In Defense of Millennials

I think Millennials get a bad rap. Apparently, they’re to blame for everything. They’re lazy and privileged and don’t want to work hard. I’ve heard a number of people complain that they just don’t get this generation. I have to disagree. Are Millennials perfect? Nope. But neither were the generations that preceded them. I’m basing […]

J.Schmid Introduces Bonfire5: A New Branding Agency

We’re excited to announce the creation of a sister agency that will focus exclusively on branding. We’re calling this new group Bonfire5. Essentially, we’re taking everything that clients loved about our proprietary BrandQuest process and serving it up to companies outside of our usual direct marketing and catalog sandbox. This specialty branding group will be […]

5 Basic Human Truths (Little Secrets That Work)

Well, the secret is out. For decades, creative types working at agencies across the country knew instinctively a few secrets they could rely on to create brand stories, campaigns and messaging that would resonate with consumers. The Don Drapers of the world knew these little secrets could help sell more products. We knew if we […]

Stop Talking! Start Doing!

In the midst of this crazy political season, it’s frustrating to hear politicians talk about what they plan on doing, what their strategy is, how they’re more qualified to get things done…all without actually getting anything DONE! It’s just talk. They rarely execute any of these ideas. Unfortunately, this is also true of many brands […]