Stop Making Data So Damn Difficult!

New strategic partnership offers a single solution for bringing multiple data platforms together with a single message, delivering marketing strategies to both online and offline channels   BOSTON, MA & MISSION, KS – AUGUST 16, 2017 – East meets Midwest with the announcement of an exciting new strategic partnership between Boston-based QuickPivot, a cloud-based, cross-channel […]

There’s a dinosaur loose in E-commerce land!!

Ecommerce has been changing at digital speed since it showed up in the marketing world 25 years ago. Print marketing has taken 100 years to evolve from the early days of newspaper to magazines, then to direct mail and finally catalogs. Catalog circulation is the sturdy bedrock art of targeting what records to mail, when […]

“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight”

By Chris Hayes, EVP Brand Strategy This 18th Century quote from my high school lit class got me thinking about a conversation I had with a marketing director from a well-known cross-channel brand a few weeks ago. He mentioned his company would like to do comparison research on their catalog covers to determine which ones […]

If This, Then That: Email Strategy Made Simple

An email marketing program can be one of the most flexible, measurable and intelligent marketing channels for your business. Especially now that smartphones have put email at easy reach anytime, from anywhere. But in order for emails to be most effective, they have to be part of a carefully considered contact strategy. So, whether you’re […]

This Just In: NPR “Discovers” A/B Testing

An examination of classic A/B testing, a regular diet for all of us direct marketers, made it to NPR’s Morning Edition last week under the guise of a “real world field experiment” conducted by two economists. I guess direct marketing must then be considered unreal and out in left field? The story explored these economists’ […]

Test Your Catalog’s Effectiveness

Mailing a catalog is a considerable investment, so every single book, every page, every photograph must work hard to maintain the catalog’s goal: tapping customers on the shoulder and driving a sale no matter the channel. Has your team lost sight on how important this format is? Are you taking advantage of every square inch […]